Here it is, already 2 weeks. So was it worth it? but first was it hard?…

It hasn’t been hard at all. I think because i was ready for it. For sure I felt bloated… but I am not Celiac so I had time to give to myself in order to be ready. What made the big difference and I even think this is the recipe for success is my raw seeds crackers both the savory ones and the sweeter ones with dried fruit.

What it did it do you may ask?

 I did not have to change habits too much. I can still have a slice with butter or a toast with Tahini and banana. The only difference is that it is seeds and not wheat. The behavior is the same.

The results:

Physically: less cellulite, the Handles have reduced, OMG THANK YOU, my body shape is already looking closer to where I was before I started wheat again a year and a half ago.

Mentally: I have been so creative in the past week. Amazing. I am so much more positive and willing to work especially on courses I am developing. That is a surprise for later on this year so don’t tell!

Emotionally: I am less grumpy. I remember that is one thing I could see is that every time I was eating bread I was grumpy after. After pasta I cannot even have conversation because I am so spaced out and after couscous I just sleep!

I general I am more creative in the kitchen. I started to cook more, to come back to things i stopped doing while I was on wheat like smoothies.

So what did I eat on day 15?


same as yesterday


2 linseeds toast with tahini and  1 banana


Tomato and avocado salad with roasted sesame seeds

The rest of little salad potatoes with butter

then I went to meet my new local community in the park for the Jubilee fair. It was lovely. Lots of dogs! So a very relaxing evening.

As you can see wheat free is all good for now let’s see what the next 2 weeks will bring!

See you tomorrow, I will talk about my Chia seed pudding. So good for you and a great fast to make desert.

If you are on wheat free, I would love to hear about your results.

So post it in the comment section

Thank you

See you tomorrow

I wish you a delicious day!

Florence xx

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